An Easter egg hunt is a very traditional part of many peoples celebrations, and it’s a lot of fun, but there are lots of different things you can do other than just hiding eggs around your home or in your garden.

Fill Their Eggs with Activities

Instead of traditional chocolate Easter eggs, write out some fun activities like a movie night or playdates and stuff them in eggs for your kids to claim.

Hunt for the Rainbow

Hide eggs in every colour of the rainbow. Your little bunnies will need to locate one of each colour to get a complete set and claim their prize.

Let Your Kids Plan an Easter Egg Hunt for You

Turn things on their head and let your kids hide Easter eggs for the parents. Instead of chocolate eggs, these eggs are filled with special coupons such as picking the film for family movie night, or choosing a special meal or skipping a chore. Parents have to grant whichever wishes they fail to find.

Search for the Golden Ticket

Hide eggs with a special golden ticket that can be swapped for a larger prize at the end of the Easter egg hunt. Make sure you hide enough eggs, so each child receives one.