You know all that Easter chocolate and other Easter goodies are bad for your teeth, but we know they are hard to resist. Instead of cutting out all sweet treats, we’ve got a few easy tips on how to have your Easter cake and eat it too.

Snack on Healthy Foods After Chocolate

After eating chocolate, make sure you eat something healthy such as celery, apple or carrot, or cheese. Crunchy fruits and vegetables stimulate saliva flow and help to scrub your teeth slightly while cheese contains tooth hardening calcium. Ideally, make sure you and your kids enjoy chocolate treats as part of the main meal as snacking on the frequently increases the risk of damaging your teeth.

Drink Lots of Water

Many people don’t drink enough water, so make it your mission over the Easter holidays to increase your intake of H2O. Swishing your mouth with water after eating sweet treats helps to rebalance pH levels while washing away loose particles of food.

Make Sure You Still Brush and Floss Your Teeth Regularly

If you are out and about or visiting friends and family, it’s easy to forget about your regular oral care routine. However, when you are eating lots of sweet goodies, it’s even more critical to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly. If you have kids, make sure they brush and floss too by setting a good example.