During the holidays, it is easy to become distracted and perhaps not pay as much attention as you should to oral care. One useful approach is to plan for a sugar-free celebration actively. Even if you don’t manage to avoid all sweet treats, being mindful will reduce your consumption. One useful trick is to make some healthy changes based on our beautiful summer weather. It’s ideal for exercising outdoors, and there is a huge range of delicious fruits and vegetables. When barbecuing, swap fatty meats for fresh grilled fish and a green salad, and seafood is also excellent as it is high in protein and omega-3.

When enjoying Christmas dinner, fill up with a cold salad or soup or even just a big glass of water before you have the main meal. Make sure there are plenty of veggies on the table that are low in calories but packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Ideally, aim to fill at least half of your plate with vegetables. You can still enjoy a Christmas roast dinner, but make sure to cut off excess fat and roast vegetables with a light spray of oil. Instead of a heavy dessert, try refreshing fruit sorbet or frozen yoghurt, or low sugar ice cream.