Many Aussies are passionate about playing sports, and it’s a great part of a healthy lifestyle. However, a bad fall or blow to the mouth can crack, chip or even knock out teeth entirely. The consequences can be devastating, potentially leading to a lifetime of costly dental restorative work. The best way to reduce this risk is to wear a high quality, custom-fitted sports mouthguard.

What Is a Custom Mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard is made from a tough, tear-resistant, durable material, and we use products that are odour and taste-free. It is designed to fit closely yet comfortably over your upper teeth, providing excellent cushioning to help absorb any blows to the face. The design helps ensure that the force of a blow is dissipated over a larger surface area, protecting your teeth, lips, cheeks and jaws. Because the mouthguard is custom-made just for you, it will allow you to speak and breathe easily and will stay in place during all the action.

Custom mouthguards are easy to care for and should last quite a while, but we will check the fit during your regular dental appointments. Children’s mouthguards generally need replacing more regularly because a child’s teeth and jaws are still growing and developing.