Most of us don’t think about saliva and take it for granted, but it can be used to detect a wide variety of health issues. Over the past decade, there have been tremendous advances in saliva testing, and it can reveal a great deal about your health, including important indicators of disease.

Recent research has focused on RNA, a cellular messenger that makes proteins and carries out instructions given by DNA. We now know RNA is very sophisticated and saliva contains some of the same RNA found in human cells. Remarkably, scientists discovered over 300 new forms of circular RNA while studying saliva. In the future, testing saliva could help to detect people at risk of diabetes or who have the early stages of pancreatic or oral cancer.

On a more down to earth note, we can help and advise people who have saliva problems such as oral thrush infections or who don’t have enough saliva. A lack of saliva is an extremely common issue called dry mouth or xerostomia, and it can increase the risk of dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease. We can offer useful help and advice on how to cope with this condition, helping you to maintain an optimal level of oral health.