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We attended the International Association for Orthodontics Annual Conference 2018 in Kauaii, Hawaii.

There were four days of intensive lectures on all facets of Orthodontics, TMJ disorders and treatment and the importance of airway. The size of the airway is related to the size of Dental Arches so increasing or decreasing the arches affects the airway and can lead to Sleep Apnoea.

The treatment of TMD (Joint disorders) has come a long way – call us if you have symptoms : headaches, clicking joints. neck ache, restricted mouth opening and back pain.

The photo was taken at the meeting with Dr Klar and Dr Skip Truitt. Dr Truitt is an International lecturer and a great teacher of Orthodontics and Orthopaedics – He is one of the greats of Dentistry.

He is from Gainsville Texas

WE attended the recent update in Invisalign. “STRAIGHT TEETH – NO BRACES”. This is great for people who don’t want to wear braces . It is virtually invisible.


WE recently attended the latest update in Mini Implants. This is a revolution in the treatment of edentulous mouths. The small implants are easily and virtually painlessly placed into the jaw and reatin dentures in the mouth securely. The cost of this technique is a fraction of utilising conventional implants.
We attended the ADX Dental Expo in Sydney in March. The best and the very latest in dentistry was on display. Amongst our new upgrades was an operating microscope and a Laser. We also upgraded surgery 3 with the latest dental unit and chair. There is rapid advancement in the science of dental materials. We placed orders for dozens of the newest on show. This is in line with our commitment to provide the very best for our patients.
The DAMON SYSTEM is revolutionising Orthodontic treatment. It is painless, twice as fast and in most cases avoids extractions of teeth. See


WE just returned from The World Congress on Modern Pain Control. The congress was attended by Professors and Academics and leading practitioners from all over the globe. We gained valuable knowledge and new ideas which will benefit our patients.

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Attending the conference were :

Professor Stanley Melamed (USA) – author of numerous textbooks and world expert on anaesthetics and Professor Eliezer Kaufman – Head of Hadassa University in Jerusalem, winner of numerous awards and world leader in anaesthetics
Dr Klar is a Senior Certified Instructor for the IAO (International Association of Orthodontics). He attended the Instructors’ Instititute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA recently. Only a handful of practitoners from all over the world were invited so this was a great honour. Dr Klar has recently attended the Annual meeting of the International Association for Orthodontics in Scottsdale Arizona. World Leaders in the field of Orthodontics were there.

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Dr Klar recently attended a seminar series on Jaw joint problems. If you are suffering from frequent headaches, unable to open your mouth very wide, sore facial muscles or clicking from the jaw joint please contact us because we should be able to help you. In most cases the treatment is conservative and simple. We work closely with Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) and Maxillo Facial surgeons in more advanced cases.

INVISIBLE BRACES are here. There has been tremendous development in lingual orthodontics. You can now have braces placed on the inside of your teeth so that nothing is visible from the outside. The latest technique is totally computerised and there is minimal interference with speech. This is the best option for people whose work prohibits them from wearing braces.

INVISALIGN is the other “invisible” brace technique. A series of very thin aligners (trays) are fitted over your teeth and each tray moves the teeth into alignment.

We have recently attended the EODO orthodontic update on the Gold Coast (Queensland, Australia). This seminar was an update in the latest developments in Orthodontics and Orthopaedics.

The Asia Pacific congress on Dental Implantology was held in Melbourne in March, 2004. We are keeping up to date with the latest developments in implants.

We recently attended the 5th Annual Symposium on Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics held in Queensland Australia.

Orthopaedic approach is conservative in that in most cases it avoids tooth extraction in the course of orthodontic treatment. It aims to develop beautiful and symmetrical faces not just straighten teeth.

Myofunctional Trainers and aligners: The role of the muscles in the face is becoming more understood in the role of dental and skeletal malocclusions (crooked teeth and jaw alignment). Treatment is now aimed at retraining and controlling these muscles at an early age so that treatment is more permanent and relapse is minimal. An adult version of tooth aligners is now available – in many cases it can align teeth without the use of braces.

A large proportion of children have problems breathing through their noses so they breathe through their mouths. This hinders development of the jaws (especially the upper jaw). The result is a narrow upper jaw with a high vaulted palate which further reduces the ability of the child to breathe normally through the nose. In bypassing the natural nasal air passages children are more likely to catch illnesses e.g. colds and flu. The head and neck are usually 90% developed by the age of 9 years so it is important to start corrective treatment early. Children should visit an Ear Nose and Throat specialist to check for abnormalities or obstruction. We now provide an orthopaedic appliance for young children to assist and train in nasal breathing. It also helps in jaw and teeth alignment prior to any orthodontics.

If you have any questions please contact us by phone fax or email.

The FDI (World Dental Congress) was held in Darling Harbour, Sydney from the 18th to the 21st September, 2003. There were over 4000 delegates present. The lectures covered the latest developments in dentistry. There was one of the biggest trade displays ever seen in Australia. The latest and best in technology and equipment were on show.

Dentistry 2002 and Beyond, The 18th International Quintessence Symposium was held at Darling Harbour on the 26 – 27 April, 2002.

The latest developments in Dentistry were discussed and on display.

Did you catch Dr Klar’s Interview with Andrew Harwood on Radio station 2GB?

Numerous topics concerning the latest developments in Dentistry were covered.

We attended The Brisbane Dental Congress, the largest annual gathering of Dentists in the Southern Hemisphere. The very latest in equipment and technology was on display. We decided on the spot-to re equip two of our operatives with the very latest in hi-tech.

Installation has now been completed.

We now have some of the most hi tech operatories in the world.

The Nobel Biopharma World Congress was held on Dental Implants during June 2005 in Las Vegas Nevada USA. This is largest and most advanced meeting on Dental Implantology in the world. About 15000 dentists attended (130 from Australia) to learn what is happening on the cutting edge of dental implants. Over 500 new products and procedures were introduced at the congress. Implants procedures were be beamed by satellite live from countries all over the world. The concept of “teeth in an hour ” has become a reality – in fact the current approach to implants regards the placement of implants as acquiring the third dentition.

The meeting was by far the biggest and most spectacular that we attended. We returned with a wealth of new knowledge on the subject as well as with new up to date equipment and procedures.

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