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Amalgam Fillings – Are they safe?

This has been a controversial topic over the past few years.
The fact is that no one can be sure of it’s potential effects especially on the Nervous System.
There is more evidence coming to light about the effects of amalgam on the body.
There are numerous and far more cosmetic restorations available so it’s not worth taking a chance on your health.
Our practice has not used Amalgam (Mercury ) fillings for over 15 years..

Tooth Whitening – What are the alternatives?

LaserBrite bleaching is a quick, permanent procedure and in most cases the result is 2 to 3 shades lighter.
There are many bleaching systems available -Pola Office, Pola night, Zoom etc. They each have advantages and disadvantages. We need to examine your teeth to see which system is suitable and to check the thickness of your tooth enamel.

For people whose teeth are permanently stained (eg Tetracycline staining) or chipped or those that have had extensive Bonding before, Porcelain Veneers are a quick, painless and conservative solution. We need to examine your teeth to see if your teeth are suitable for this treatment. Call us on 02 92996000 for a consultation.

Very Nervous or Anxious Patients

IV Sedation is usually the solution of choice. The time seems to pass very quickly and an hour seems just a couple of minutes and you won’t believe that your treatment is over.
Happy gas is also available.

Orthodontics. Is it Necessary to extract teeth?

In most cases we can treat you without having to extract teeth. We utilise Orthopaedics with arch development in order to avoid having to extract teeth. This results in a much nicer face and profile at the end of the treatment. Orthodontic treatment should result in beautiful and balanced faces and profiles not just straight teeth. This approach is also kinder to the jaw joints and reduces the chance of joint complications such as clicking and headaches.

Headaches, Clicking Jaw joints and restricted Bite Opening.

These are very common symptoms and you should contact us forthwith as we should be able to help you. Early treatment of these symptoms is essential to avoid more serious consequences.

Sensitive teeth. “Why are my teeth sensitive”?

Sensitive teeth are most often caused by excessive wear of the protective enamel coating. Many patients use too much tooth paste or scrub too hard which results in premature enamel wear. Incorrect brushing can lead to gum recession and exposure of the sensitive root surface. Treatment can vary from application of desensitising agents, composite resin coatings to Porcelain veneers and even full crowns. Advice on oral care from us can prevent a lot of these problems. Once the enamel is worn it will never grow back.

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