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City Dental are TMJ Experts

The jaw joint, or to be technical the temporo mandibular joint (TMJ), is one of the most important joints in the body. When it is working fine you will barely notice it, but when there is a problem with it you will suddenly realise the importance of being able to move your mouth.

The TMJ enables us to speak, eat and smile, it fulfils a range of essential functions. For most people their TMJ works fine, but for some there can be serious issues. There is a lot of debate about what causes TMJ problems, with many possible options from trauma to stress, from loose joints to incisal interference. Whatever the cause, the result can be a wide range of painful and uncomfortable issues. If there is an issue with the TMJ then people may experience a number of symptoms including:

  • clicking/locking jaws
  • headaches – including migraines
  • limited jaw opening
  • bruxism – tooth grinding, usually when asleep
  • tinnitus
  • eye pain and light sensitivity
  • swallowing problems
  • pain around the head and face
  • balance problems
  • neck and shoulder problems

The best health professional for any TMJ problems is a dentist who has been specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ issues. Not all dentists are able to treat TMJ problems as it is a highly specialised field. City Dental are able to provide expert TMJ treatment in Sydney.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms then it could be your TMJ causing them, come and see the team at City Dental. | |