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We now offer the option of Accelerated Orthodontics. This system reduces the  treatment time by about 50%. It consists of a vibration platform which is worn for about 5 minutes per day between your  teeth and really speeds up the treatment. It reduces pain during your Orthodontics and once treatment is completed it reduces relapse.

It works for both Clear Aligners (Invisalign, Clear Correct) as well as fixed braces.

Please ask us about this option when you next attend for you Orthodontic session



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invisalign_aligner_2 Invisalign


Everybody has different tooth enamel. The thickness texture and discolouration of the enamel varies.
We do not restrict ourselves to any specific tooth whitening treatment system, rather we tailor what would work best for each patient.Below are some of the systems:


blonde_cropped zoom_tooth_whitening
teeth-whitening-1 Bleach_before__after
Laserbrite10002 Laserbrite2

LaserBrite is here. This is a great improvement over previous methods of Tooth Whitening. A harmless jelly is painted over the teeth and a Bleaching Ray is applied over the teeth. In about 45 minutes you can expect to have 2 to 3 shade whiter teeth. The result is permanent. We can fabricate custom fitted bleaching trays for your home use so that you can maintain your new white smile indefinitely. We are amongst the very first in Australia to offer this tooth whitening technology.


One of the most popular and successful whitening system.



DSC00033b  DSC00032b


TMJ -Clicking Jaw Joints, Pain, Headaches, Neckackes.

These can now be treated by the latest methods. Don’t delay as these conditions tend to deteriorate and become more serious with time.

Call for an appointment and assessment



We have installed the most up to date “SIROLASER” in our operatories. If you have bleeding gums or other gum problems, need Root Canal Treatment, have sensitive teeth the laser can be used and in most cases you don’t even need an anaesthetic – It is absolutely painless.

Do get ULCERS OR COLD SORES – Our Lasers can instantly get rid of these annoying problems absolutely painlessly. Call us for further information.

Sirolaser1 ResizedSirolaser2 Resized


The DAMON SYSTEM is revolutionising Orthodontic treatment. It is painless, twice as fast and in most cases avoids extractions of teeth. Average treatment time is 11 months. See


Faces and profiles can now be reshaped with Orthopaedics. This procedure not only improves your bite but it highlights cheekbones, reduces nasal prominence by balancing the lower third of the face. It also reduces pressure to the jaw joint (TMJ) in people who have a jaw clenching habit or who have a deep bite. It can be used in conjunction with Orthodontics (Cosmetic tooth coloured braces of course) for an overall cosmetic result.

Myofunctional trainers and aligners are now available from ages 6 years to adults. They can be used to align teeth without the need for braces. They are removable and are usually worn overnight. They can be used to clear the nasal passages and assist correct breathing which in turn results in the development of correct jaw size and shape.

INVISIBLE BRACES (Invisalign) are here in Sydney. There has been tremendous development in lingual orthodontics. You can now have braces placed on the inside of your teeth so that nothing is visible from the outside. The latest technique is totally computerised and there is minimal interference with speech. This is the best option for people whose work prohibits them from wearing braces.


You can find more detailed information and download morphing videos at the following web site – or just click on the following link

INVISALIGN is the other “invisible” brace technique. A series of very thin aligners (trays) are fitted over your teeth and each tray moves the teeth into alignment. Each tray is removable by the patient at any time.

Invisalign is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile without the need for fixed braces. The Invisalign system uses a series of clear, removable aligners to move your teeth over time and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

LOW FRICTION ORTHODONTICS has arrived. This technique utilizes specialized brackets which not only straighten teeth but reshapes the jaw shape and results in beautiful smiles and faces. There are various brands of these such as “Damon3”, “Carriere” etc – Call us for more details.



A lingual system of braces that aligns the teeth very rapidly . It brings fantastic results for people who want totally invisible braces.

See STB Social 6

SNORING AND SLEEP APNOEA. If you or your partner snores it is important to have this checked out. Snoring is often associated with sleep apnoea which can be life threatening. This means that heavy snorers often stop breathing – sleep studies are required.

For ordinary snorers (and for you to get a good night’s sleep if your partner snores) come and see us about the latest in anti snoring appliances.


We are fully equipped with the latest in technology to place implants. We can carry out the surgery as well as the overlying crown and bridgework on our premises. We are continually updating our knowledge and training in this rapidly advancing field. Please give us a call if you need any information.


A very fast and successful way of stabilising dentures at a fraction of the cost of conventional implants. The procedure is quick and pain free. Call us for a consultation to see if you are suitable for this procedure.

MDI Implants (530 x 594)


A lot of people suffer from headaches, clicking jaw joints, earaches, neck aches and restricted ability to open their mouths fully. A high percentage of these problems are a result of stress, clenching or grinding teeth and jaw joint problems. We have the latest techniques in treating these problems. Of course it is always simpler and quicker to catch these problems early so if you have any of these symptoms please contact the surgery for a consultation and assessment.


This is the very latest for people who are anxious or fear dental treatment.

It’s safe, effective and quick. It looks like a whistle. You simple take a few puffs and you will feel comfortable, sedated and relaxed. You get immediate, strong pain relief. Ask for it before your dental treatment.



We have recently intalled the latest digital X Ray system. The X Ray exposure is about one tenth of a normal Dental X Ray (making it a lot safer for the patient) and there is no processing of the film. You’ll be able to view the X-Ray instantly on a computer screen.


We have one of the most hi tech wholly computerised radiographic equipment in the world. It not only scans the jaws but also the sinuses, jaw joints and in fact the whole head. It is an invaluable tool in the early diagnosis of diseases in the head and neck. It can zoom in on pathology and catch sinister developments. It is linked to a network of computers and the software gives a computerised diagnosis and suggests treatment of any developmental and hard tissue problems. The equipment is operated remotely from an adjacent fully computerised control room.




Air Abrasion Dentistry is here. (Sometimes this is called Micro Dentistry). This technology allows us to simply “blow” the decay away from teeth. This makes the procedure quick and painless – in most cases Local Anaesthetics are not required. The tooth is then simply restored with Composite Resin (Tooth Coloured) and it is instantly ready for chewing. You’ll never be even able to detect that a filling had been placed in your tooth.


Allows you to see your teeth on a computer screen at the time of examination. You get a ‘dentist’s’ view of your teeth. | |