Giving back has always been important to Dr Meades, Filling the Gap is a well-organised and much-needed charity run by the Australian Dental Association. They collaborate closely with other charities to identify people who deserve their help, selecting candidates from a range of different backgrounds and situations.

Our dentist, Dr William Meades, is a member of the Australian Dental Association and mentors for them. He supports Filling the Gap because it represents the fundamental reason why most dentists chose the dental profession as they wish to help others.  Filling the Gap enables William to help people who may be in dire need of dental care and as someone interested in people, William greatly enjoys meeting and helping others.

As a boy, he spent a week every summer volunteering. William has enjoyed charity work in Laos, Kenya and Mozambique since he was an undergraduate and was keen to get involved locally since moving to Sydney. He finds volunteering enormously rewarding and always encourages others to volunteer if they have the opportunity, knowing that helping people in serious need can make an immediate difference, producing a positive and lasting impact.

The entire team at City Dental participate in direct charity work at the clinic, providing care to individuals referred through the Rebuilding Smiles program. These cases are more clinically challenging, requiring the cutting-edge equipment and services available at City Dental, and which cannot be accommodated at Filling the Gap clinic.