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Painless Dental Treatments


Intra Venous Sedation has been used in Dentistry since about 1960.

Many years ago Dental Patients were very anxious and frightened especially of lengthy Dental procedures or removal of teeth and wisdom teeth. Many preferred not to know anything about the procedure in fact they preferred to “sleep” through the whole thing.

With the advent of the newer and hi tech adhesive procedures we have eliminated almost all of the discomfort associated with Dentistry. Some patients in Sydney however still prefer to be sedated and lessen their awareness of the whole Dental process.

Dr Klar had his sedation training in London and has been doing Dental Sedation for well over 30 years. During this time he has done perhaps hundreds of thousands of pain free dentistry cases in Sydney. Dr Klar is one of the very few Dentists in Australia who has the Dental Board’s approval to practice Sedation. Sedation today is a relaxing and almost pleasant experience where the patient has a calm and floating sensation. Time appears to pass very quickly so an hour may seem like a few minutes and most patients are rather surprised when the whole pain free dentistry process is finished.

Most patients will state that this was the best Dental visit of their entire life. So if you are scared of the dentist this may be a solution for you! | |