Children’s Dentistry


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When your child initially visits us here at City Dental, we can assess their current level of oral health and will suggest a preventive treatment plan that includes regular checkups and cleans. Most young children will need to see us every six months so we can monitor their dental health closely. During a check-up, our dentist will carefully examine their teeth and gums, assessing their condition so we can quickly detect any changes to their oral health since their last visit to City Dental. It is a preventive approach that ensures that if treatment is needed, it is most likely minor and less invasive than leaving dental problems to develop and create unpleasant symptoms. We do take digital diagnostic x-rays periodically and especially if we suspect a tooth is decayed or infected. Digital x-rays are very safe, and we only take these images when necessary.

Monitoring the Development of Teeth and Jaws

Regular checkups are an excellent way to ensure your child’s mouth stays healthy and clean and allow us to monitor the development of their teeth and jaws, including teeth yet to erupt. Also, we can monitor oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking, and which can affect tooth and jaw development. These oral habits are perfectly natural and are soothing for young children but can affect their teeth if the habit is prolonged. We can provide advice on how to quit these habits if appropriate or provide custom oral devices to help a child to quit more easily.


Scale and Polish

Your child must have their teeth professionally cleaned regularly, just like adults. We use special hand tools and ultrasonic instruments to scale their teeth, removing all hardened plaque gently, a substance called calculus. Removing calculus is essential as the bacteria within it produce toxins that can infect teeth and inflame gums. Even young children can develop gum disease without proper oral care. Once all calculus is removed, we gently polish their teeth, and hopefully, they will enjoy the sensation of having a super clean mouth and fresher breath.

Oral Care and Dietary Advice

Your child’s regular check-ups are the ideal opportunity to learn more about their oral care. Our dental team has a wealth of useful information, including advice on how to brush and floss children’s teeth properly, and we can work directly with children as they get older. Dietary advice can be useful when a child has excellent oral hygiene but may have recurring problems with tooth decay. Sometimes, making minor changes to their diet is all that is needed.

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