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Your regular dental examinations are every bit as essential as your regular medical screenings and are the best way to protect your oral health. Usually, healthy adults need to see a dentist every six months. We may suggest more frequent examinations if you have any existing dental health problems or general health issues that may affect your oral care. People with a good oral health routine will frequently need little or no treatment. If we do detect any problems, they are more likely to be minor, requiring less invasive treatment that is quicker and more cost-effective.

What to Expect During Your Regular Dental Examination?

Dental examinations are painless as no treatment is provided, and our dentist will merely examine your teeth and gums closely. We check your mouth very carefully for any signs of disease or dental problems that might require further investigation and treatment. Every tooth is checked for any tiny lesions or larger cavities. We also check your gums closely as gum disease is unfortunately prevalent, and without prompt treatment can be very destructive

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer can affect the soft tissues in your mouth, including your tongue, your upper and lower palate, and your cheeks and lips. Dentists are specially trained to detect the early signs of oral cancer, at which stage this disease is far more treatable. Our dentist will visually examine your oral tissues, checking for any signs such as color changes or changes to the texture of tissues, and any unexplained lumps or bumps. We use an advanced VELscope screening device. This is a handheld device that emits a blue light that fluoresces slightly differently when shone on unhealthy tissues, and it enhances the efficacy of visual examinations. Regular oral cancer screenings are an extremely important part of your dental exam as your dentist is most likely the only health professional who regularly examines the inside of your mouth.

What Happens If I Have Signs of Dental Disease?

If we do find anything wrong, we will examine the area more closely and may take dental x-rays to provide more information about structures hidden from the naked eye. For example, dental x-rays show contact areas between teeth and tooth roots, and the location and orientation of teeth yet to erupt. Once we have collated this information, we can analyze it closely, providing you with a more accurate diagnosis. If you do need treatment, you will receive a custom treatment plan showing each possible solution, the time required for treatment, and the estimated costs. Each solution is explained in detail, allowing you to make an informed choice about your treatment.

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