Children’s Dentistry

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As a family-oriented dental practice, we encourage children to begin seeing us regularly from a very young age, preferably soon after their first tooth erupts or by age one. Although this might seem very young, early dental visits are the ideal opportunity for children to become accustomed to a new environment and to get to know our friendly staff. Ensuring children get into a routine of professional dental care is the very best way to prevent disease and other oral health problems from developing.

A Preventive Approach to Children’s Dentistry

When children see a dentist regularly, we can help to prevent common dental diseases like tooth decay and gum disease. Focusing on preventive dentistry allows us to assess your child’s risk of dental disease and to devise a suitable treatment plan to reduce this risk. With this approach, we can help your child to enjoy healthy teeth into adulthood and hopefully for life. Our dental team can also provide preventive treatments and useful help and advice on how to care for children’s teeth at home.

Helping Nervous or Anxious Children

The new sights, sounds, and smells of a dental practice can be a little overwhelming for some children, but there are many things we can do to help ease anxieties and fears. We all enjoy seeing children and take enormous care to treat them gently, ensuring every visit is as interesting and enjoyable as possible.

Children’s dental visits are free for the under five’s, if their appointment is booked with their parents.

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