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Dental x-rays are an essential diagnostic and planning tool as they provide detailed images of areas hidden from the naked eye, such as contact areas between teeth, tooth roots and the location of teeth yet to erupt. Here at City Dental, we can take 2-D and3-D digital x-rays.

Digital X-Ray Technology

City Dental is equipped with digital x-ray technology that emits low levels of radiation and is far safer compared with older film x-rays. A digital x-ray machine typically emits about 90% less radiation compared with conventional film x-rays. Our dental team adheres to the strictest protocols when taking dental x-rays to minimize your exposure. The digital images are instantly viewable on the monitors in our treatment rooms, allowing our dentists to diagnose problems more quickly and efficiently, so we can provide suitable treatment more efficiently.

How Often Will I Need X-Rays?

We only take x-rays when necessary. Most healthy adults will need a set of x-rays every couple of years. This is because regular dental x-rays allow us to monitor your dental health closely and to detect any changes since your last set of x-rays quickly. If you have existing dental problems that require ongoing treatment or maintenance, we might suggest taking x-rays more frequently. We can take digital bitewing x-rays showing just one or two teeth or more comprehensive x-rays providing us with different views of your teeth and jaws.


An orthopantomogram (OPG)x-ray is usually required every two or three years. An OPG x-ray is a panoramic image showing your entire upper and lower jaws and teeth, and your jaw joints. It is extremely useful as part of your preventive dentistry plan or for detecting other problems such as impacted wisdom teeth or issues affecting your jaw joints. An OPG only takes a few seconds to take, and you only need to remain still while the x-ray arm travels around your head.

Lateral Cephalometric X-Ray

A lateral cephalometric x-ray takes a lateral or side image of your face and is used to assess the facial contours and bones in a single image. This diagnostic tool is often necessary when planning orthodontic treatment.

CT Cone Beam Scanner

Unlike other digital x-rays that produce 2-D images, a CT Cone Beam Scanner provides 3-D images and is invaluable when planning sophisticated treatments like dental implants or orthodontics. A cone-beam CT scan emits far less radiation compared with a conventional CT scan as the beam of energy is concentrated into a cone shape, so it is very safe.

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