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Our friendly and professional dental team are dedicated to ensuring every visit is a comfortable and relaxing experience, providing you with an optimal treatment outcome. Our dentists have very different personalities and special interests so that patients can choose clinicians with similar interests and outlooks. We work hard to foster good professional relationships with patients and especially as a dental clinic can be an unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming environment for people in pain or discomfort.

Continuing Education

Our dentists need no encouragement to complete postgraduate studies and development, and they go over and above the national requirements. As an example, the Australian requirement is approximately 60 hours of CPD per cycle whereas Dr William recently completed over 400 hours during his last cycle

Internal Governance

City Dental offers a wide choice of treatments, and we often see patients with complicated concerns and who require more advanced procedures. When this is the case, we want to ensure patients receive the very best results. To help achieve this, we conduct regular group case presentations, and discussions, so more complex cases receive the input of several experienced clinicians. There are usually multiple ways to approach complex treatments, and in-depth discussions with our dentists allow us to decide on the best course of action collectively.

Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Dental Care

We prefer to take a holistic approach when assessing your dental health, meaning we consider how it may also affect your general health. There are over 70 modifying factors that may influence your oral health, and which must be assessed when diagnosing and planning any treatments. We place a strong emphasis on a good consultation process as this is an important tool to ensure we deliver the very best standard of care for our patients.

About Your Personalised Treatment Plan

By viewing the entire picture when diagnosing and planning any treatments, we can provide you with the best preventative, personalised treatment plan. We aim to ensure your natural teeth last longer, and we hope for life. Regular dental visits allow us to detect potential problems sooner, when treatment is less invasive and when we can preserve and protect natural teeth more effectively. In the longer term this approach will save you from financial and dental burdens.

Every treatment recommended is customised for each patient, and where possible, we will offer you a choice of options and different materials and explain each procedure clearly. Although these treatments solutions will achieve the same objective, there is a range of prices available which may be more appealing. We will always go the extra mile in adapting treatment plans to offer the very best pricing. Questions are encouraged as we feel patient education is an important part of this practice. We want you to feel informed and in control of your dental health.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

City Dental is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is invaluable for providing better outcomes. We use the best quality materials and actively search for those that are more sophisticated and biologically compatible and which are bioactive. Our clinic is mercury-free, and we avoid materials containing Bis-GMA and BPA derivatives. Patients requiring bone grafting procedures benefit from centrifuge technology, where we use your blood and stem cells to stimulate growth factors, providing a far more predictable and successful treatment outcome.

We adhere to the highest standards of sterilisation and every cycle of the steriliser is monitored remotely online. Every piece of equipment used during your treatment is traceable. We know precisely when instruments used were sterilised, the time and internal conditions of that steriliser cycle, including the pressure and temperature.

Easy Booking and Convenient Appointments

We offer online bookings, and the booking process is very easy. City Dental is conveniently located in the heart of CBD and offers lunchtime and late afternoon appointments designed to accommodate our busy patients.

City Dental has been treating patients from all walks of life for over 60 years. With our rich history and wealth of knowledge, we continue to improve and provide the highest standard of dental care that you deserve.