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Your wisdom teeth are the very last teeth to make an appearance, usually coming through during the late teens or early 20s. Wisdom teeth are your third molars and are situated right at the back of the mouth. Because your adult teeth are well-established by this stage, there is often insufficient room for another four teeth. Consequently, it’s very common to have wisdom teeth removed.

When Would I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removing?

When you visit City Dental, we take regular dental x-rays of your teeth and jaws. These x-rays allow us to assess areas hidden from view, including tooth roots and teeth yet to emerge, such as your wisdom teeth. Our dentists can examine these x-rays closely, determining if your wisdom teeth can come through without causing problems or if they must be removed. We only remove wisdom teeth if there is no chance that they can erupt normally and where they may damage your existing teeth or your jaws.

What Problems Can Be Caused by Wisdom Teeth?

When there is insufficient room for a normal eruption, wisdom teeth can become impacted, where they will try to come up underneath the adjacent teeth, or they may even try to push sideways through the gums. Wisdom teeth can come through at awkward angles or even facing backward. Some wisdom teeth will partially erupt, remaining covered partially by gum tissue which makes them tricky to keep clean. Partially erupted wisdom teeth can become infected and decayed, and the infection can spread to adjacent teeth. Sometimes a cyst may develop, and which can damage other teeth or your jawbone.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Often, wisdom tooth removal is very straightforward, and a local anesthetic will ensure you feel entirely comfortable during treatment. If you wish, we can also provide additional sedation including nitrous oxide, and intravenous sedation supplied by a specialist anesthetist. Your digital dental x-rays will show the precise location of the tooth, allowing our dentist to access it more easily. Sometimes an impacted wisdom tooth is cut into smaller sections to remove it more easily and more comfortably. We take extensive care while removing wisdom teeth to reduce discomfort, ensuring your healing is faster. After surgery, we will provide precise instructions on how to care for your mouth while it heals. Once the tooth is removed, it’s common to experience a little swelling and slight discomfort for a few days afterward and which is easily controllable with over-the-counter painkillers.

Usually, wisdom teeth removal can be completed in our dental office, but we may choose to refer more complicated removals to an oral surgeon who we know and trust to look after our patients.

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