Preventive Dentistry

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Here at City Dental, we regard preventive dentistry as the cornerstone of excellent oral health. We take a holistic approach towards all dental services provided and especially towards preventive dental care, meaning we look at how your oral health could affect overall health. By taking this approach, we can decide how best to help you maintain a healthy mouth, providing the most appropriate treatments. It sounds deceptively simple, but many factors can influence oral health, so it is critical to consider the whole picture. By providing the best preventive care procedures, we can help our patients to avoid long-term dental and financial burdens.


A good consultation process is important for achieving this outcome and allows us to provide you with the very best personalized preventive treatment plan that considers your unique oral health needs. Once you have received your preventive dental plan, our dedicated dental team will work with, ensuring you understand why we have recommended a particular treatment and the potential benefits for your oral health. Dental education is an important part of this process, as by understanding your dental health more fully, you are more able to take control of your oral health.

Our preventive dental services include:

• Dietary advice

• Oral Hygiene

• Fissure sealants

These treatments are specifically designed to protect oral health and to prevent dental disease, a far more effective approach than treating diseases that are frequently avoidable with the right care. With high-quality preventive dentistry, we hope to ensure you can enjoy your natural teeth for years to come, and hopefully for life.

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