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Your initial visit to City Dental includes a comprehensive examination where we determine your level of risk for oral health diseases and how best to reduce these risks. Regular professional dental cleanings are an important part of your preventive care plan, and we can advise you how frequently you should have your teeth cleaned to help maintain optimal oral health.

How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned Professionally?

Most people need their teeth cleaned professionally every six months, but some people benefit from more frequent cleanings. We might suggest you see our hygienist more often if you have medical conditions affecting your oral health, such as immune disorders, or if your risk of oral disease is higher. During pregnancy, women may need to have their teeth cleaned more frequently to prevent a condition called pregnancy gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease, or to prevent any existing gum disease from worsening.

What is an Oral Hygiene Appointment?

During your oral hygiene treatment, your teeth are gently scaled and polished, using specialized hand tools, and ultrasonic instruments. The treatment removes hardened plaque from your teeth, which is a substance called calculus or tartar. After we remove all calculus, we carefully polish your teeth, so they feel beautifully smooth and super clean. You might notice they look slightly brighter afterward, as polishing teeth helps to remove some surface stains. Dental hygienists can also assess gum health, recording careful measurements at each appointment. The information allows us to monitor the condition of your gums closely and to provide prompt and appropriate treatment for any early signs of disease.

Why are Oral Hygiene Appointments Important?

Even people with meticulous oral care routines will miss some areas of their teeth, leaving plaque to harden into calculus. Removing calculus is important for maintaining a healthy smile, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and it is an easy and effective preventive dental procedure. Also, dental hygienists can provide invaluable oral health education.

Oral Health Education

Our hygienists can identify any areas of your mouth that could benefit from additional attention and can work with you to improve brushing and flossing routines. They can discuss the best toothbrush and toothpaste to use and can show you easier and more effective techniques for flossing. Many people neglect to floss daily, but it is critical for good gum health, removing plaque and food debris from areas inaccessible using a toothbrush.

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