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We offer fixed and removable braces for children and adults and will always recommend the solution we feel most appropriate and which will provide the best results.

What are Fixed Braces?

Fixed braces consist of brackets cemented onto teeth and which are powered by wires and sometimes elastics. Conventional braces are made from metal, but patients concerned about their appearance can opt for more discreet braces made from a clear ceramic material.

Why Choose Fixed Braces?

Although removable braces are popular, we still frequently suggest fixed braces for patients as sometimes the results achieved are far superior and especially when treating more complicated cases of misalignment. Using fixed braces provides more predictable results, and we can ensure teeth are moved more precisely by adjusting the amount of force and its direction placed on specific teeth.

If you choose fixed braces, you will need to spend some time cleaning around the brackets and wires after each meal. Although this might take a little longer, there are special tools to make this task easier. Also, very hard, crunchy or sticky foods must be avoided as these can damage or dislodge the brackets and wires, and sticky foods can be very difficult to remove

What are Removable Braces?

Removable braces use clear aligners made from very thin plastic and are custom designed to fit tightly over teeth. These gradually move teeth into new positions identified in the patient’s treatment plan that is created using advanced computer software. Every set of aligners is worn for a specific length of time, usually two weeks, before the patient progresses to using the next set of aligners.

When to Choose Removable Braces?

Removable braces are best suited to correcting more straightforward cases of misalignment and can treat older teens and adults who don’t have a significant bite problem or jaw issues. They can be an excellent choice when correcting more cosmetically oriented alignment problems affecting only the teeth visible when smiling.

When used in the right circumstances, removable braces can create wonderful and predictable results, but patient compliance is critical. People who are inclined to forget to wear braces or who are tempted to leave them out too frequently may achieve more success with fixed braces that are working continuously to straighten teeth.

After examining your teeth and jaws, we can discuss all possible solutions in more detail so you understand clearly how each type of brace works and how it could help you achieve your treatment goals.


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