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Playing sports helps children to stay healthy and active and can teach them how to work as a team, but many sports have a risk of contact, potentially causing serious dental injuries. These injuries can crack or chip teeth, could knock them out entirely, may fracture or break jaws or cause cut lips and tongues. More serious injuries maybe difficult to treat. A love of sport during childhood could result in a lifetime of costly restorative bills.

Which Sports Can Cause Dental Injuries?

Contact sports like rugby union, AFL, rugby league, boxing, and hockey are obvious contact sports that could cause injury. However, even non-contact sports such as cricket, basketball, netball, soccer, and touch football can cause accidental collisions, resulting in a dental injury. If there is a chance your child could take a blow to the mouth, it is worth getting a custom-fitted mouthguard.

How Does a Mouthguard Work?

A custom-made mouthguard works as a shock absorber, spreading the impact of the blow and reducing its potential for damage. We can design and fit superior custom-fitted mouthguards that provide maximum protection for your child’s teeth and jaws. Our mouthguards are made from durable materials that will not tear easily and which are taste and odour-free. They are specifically designed to be comfortable to wear, will not hinder breathing, allowing your child to talk normally. Instead, they can concentrate on playing the sports they love.

What is the Process for a Custom – Made Mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard is simple and non-invasive to fabricate. Our dentist will take a dental impression of your child’s mouth and which is used to create the mouthguard to our exact specifications. It will fit the contours of their mouth accurately, providing the very best level of support and can be thicker in specific areas for additional cushioning. Also, mouthguards can be fabricated in many different colors so it is easy for your child to customize their look or they can choose their team colors.

Looking After Mouthguards

When cared for correctly, your child’s mouthguard should last quite some time. It must be washed in cold water after use and stored in the container provided. Keep it away from direct heat that could distort the mouthguard. We will check the fit and condition of the mouthguard regularly during dental examinations as it may need replacing as your child’s teeth and jaws grow and develop.

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