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We realise traditional dentures are less than ideal for complete tooth loss and that many people find them awkward to wear. If you are in this situation, All-on-Four is a possible solution, and which can hold replacement teeth firmly in place. It is a technique that is frequently used to secure loose lower dentures as these tend to be more problematic compared with upper dentures. However, we can also use All-on-Four to secure upper dentures when appropriate.

What is All-on-Four?

All-on-Four is a tried and tested technique specifically designed to help edentulous people. Unlike other dental implant treatments that require six or more implants to secure an arch of teeth, All-on-Four needs just four optimally placed implants.Usually, dental implants are situated throughout the jaw to provide support, but All-on-Four implants are situated towards the front of the jaw. This is because the bone is naturally thicker and stronger in this area, so the need for additional procedures such as bone grafting is reduced or eliminated

What is the Procedure for All-on-Four?

With this technique, two dental implants are inserted vertically right at the front of the jaw. The remaining two are inserted either side but are angled backward. Tilting the implants allows us to use longer implant posts, increasing contact with the surrounding bone, and increasing implant stability and strength. Once the implants have fused or osseointegrated with the surrounding bone, they are strong enough to support a new implant prosthesis.

What are the Advantages of All-on-Four?

Relatively few dental implants are needed, so treatment is very cost-effective. Not everybody can or wishes to have bone grafting. With All-on-Four, the need for bone grafting is minimized. It can be an excellent solution for people who lost teeth quite some time ago and have seen significant jawbone loss and who cannot have traditional implants without bone grafting. Patients restoring upper arches with All-on-Four will find food is tastier because the implant prosthesis is designed in a horseshoe shape, uncovering taste buds in the upper palate. Also, this design is far less bulky and can feel more comfortable.

All-on-Four is an affordable treatment for anyone struggling with dentures or who are facing the prospect of full dentures. Most people find this treatment very easy to tolerate and it could help those who are less suitable for traditional dental implants. All-on-Four implants are easy to clean and maintain, and patients enjoy the feel and appearance of healthy, strong, and stable teeth.

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