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Restorative Implants

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After your implants have fully fused with your jawbone, we can begin to fabricate your restorative implants which may be a crown, bridge, or denture. It’s the most exciting part of treatment and completes this procedure.

Custom-Designing Your Restorative Implants

We take extensive care when fabricating restorative implants as it’s important to ensure your implant teeth look and feel as perfect as possible. We individually design every restorative implant, as we must consider several factors. One of the most important aspects of implant restoration is ensuring your teeth function correctly and this is considered in the planning stage before we even place your implants. When determining the best location for each implant, we also consider how the implant will look and feel once fully restored.

The images from your cone beam CT scan are viewed from every angle so we can ensure your implant teeth bite correctly and are contoured to replicate natural teeth closely. This careful attention to detail ensures that you can bite and chew confidently while knowing your implant teeth look fantastic. Often, restorative implants replace teeth that were discoloured, significantly decayed or broken down, so the restorative implants should look and feel much better. People missing multiple teeth will often notice a considerable improvement in appearance as their restorative implants are designed to provide the correct support for muscles in the lips and cheeks.

Natural-Looking, High-Quality Restorative Implant

We use the highest quality materials like advanced porcelains designed to replicate the appearance of natural teeth. These materials are available in many different shades and even different translucencies, so the light passes through these teeth in a similar way to real teeth. Sometimes there may be a choice of materials available for your chosen implant treatment, and we can discuss all options with you including possible pros and cons of each solution.

Caring for Restorative Implants

Regular dental examinations and hygiene appointments are essential, allowing us to check the condition of your implants and restorative implants frequently and to make any small adjustments if needed. It is easy to care for restorative implants, and we will show you exactly how to keep them clean and free from infection and disease. In between dental visits, it’s important to keep your dental implant teeth thoroughly clean to help ensure they always look their best and that your implants remain strong and healthy.

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