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Infection Control

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Here at City Dental, we take infection control very seriously and adhere strictly to the guidelines set by the Australian Dental Association. Our protocols go above and beyond our legal requirements. Every precaution is taken to ensure you are safe when you visit our dental practice, and of course, we want to protect our wonderful dental team.

What is Infection Control?

Infection control prevents bacteria, fungi, and viruses from being transmitted from one patient to another, or from patients to dental staff. We follow extremely strict protocols to reduce this risk. These include:

  • Regular and thorough hand hygiene before and after using gloves
  • Personal protective barriers including gowns
  • Any contaminated waste is handled and disposed of correctly
  • Environmental barriers like plastic coverings are used on surfaces or items that could become contaminated and which are tricky to clean thoroughly
  • Surfaces are decontaminated with specialized solutions to kill viruses, spores, and infectious bacteria
  • Using disposable tools when possible

City Dental has an infection control manual read and followed by all staff, and we are all fully trained in the infection control protocols used in our practice. Our dental practice is designed for successful infection control, with designated contaminated and clean zones.

Our Sterilisation Room

We are especially proud of our fantastic sterilisation room. When it isn’t possible to use disposable instruments, we make sure they are sterilised thoroughly. Our steriliser is remotely monitored through every cycle. We can see online the exact pressure, time, and temperature of each cycle. We track the use of every instrument and can tell you precisely which instruments were used during your treatment, and the date and time and internal conditions of the steriliser cycle. This high level of monitoring ensures complete traceability in the equipment used in your mouth. Items that cannot tolerate high heat are disinfected chemically