General Dentistry

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General dentistry encompasses treatments needed to restore and protect your teeth, helping them to last longer. As with all treatments provided here at City Dental, we only recommend procedures we feel are best-suited to your oral health needs and which will provide long-lasting results.

Our general dentistry procedures include:

• Regular examinations

• Fillings

• Dentures

• Amalgam-free dentistry

• Root canal treatment

• Wisdom teeth removal

• Extractions



Custom-Designed Treatments

Everybody has slightly different oral health needs and concerns, which is why we customize every treatment provided here at City Dental. This way, we can make sure you receive treatments designed to restore optimal dental health and functionality, so you can eat, talk and smile comfortably and with confidence.

Advanced Techniques and Materials

Dentistry is continually changing as newer and more advanced techniques, and materials are introduced. Our dental team is trained and experienced in using all the best techniques, and we only use the highest-quality and most advanced dental materials when restoring teeth. These materials are the safest and most durable available. Additionally, we are an amalgam-free practice. Whenever you need general dental treatments, our dentist will provide you with a custom treatment plan and will take the time to explain every possible option and how it can help to restore dental health and to answer any questions. We will only suggest treatments we feel are necessary for good dental health and always prefer to take a more conservative approach towards dentistry, preserving, and protecting natural teeth whenever possible. When you visit City Dental you will be provided with all the information needed take control of your dental health.

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