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Your natural teeth are always the best option, and our dentists work extremely hard to save and preserve teeth for longer, and we hope for life.

When Would I Need a Tooth Removed?

Some teeth are too severely infected or damaged and cannot be saved. Abscessed teeth may need removing so we can eliminate the infection. Sometimes, a tooth will crack vertically through the tooth root and cannot be saved. Also, advanced gum disease can destroy structures around teeth, loosening them, so we have no choice but to remove them. If we do recommend a tooth extraction, you can rest assured we have explored every possible option before suggesting this treatment.

What is the Procedure for a Tooth Extraction?

All tooth extractions are performed using local anesthesia, so you will not feel any discomfort. If required, we can provide additional sedation to keep you more comfortable. Removing a tooth is surprisingly quick, and we use special tools to gently loosen the tooth from the socket, minimizing damage to the surrounding tissues. Once removed, we may place stitches to close the empty socket, and healing should be quite quick and uneventful. We provide extensive instructions on how to care for your mouth after extractions, and our team are always here to offer more advice and help if needed.

Must I Replace a Missing Tooth?

Your teeth are designed to work together, and except for wisdom teeth, each tooth has an important function and ensures the adjacent and opposing teeth will not shift position. Leaving a gap will allow your remaining teeth to shift position, destabilizing and weakening them, and negatively affecting your bite. These problems can be difficult to correct afterward.

Replacing Teeth after Extractions

If you need a tooth removed, it’s important to consider how best to replace it, and we can discuss this with you before the extraction. Possible choices include partial or full dentures, or we can fit a dental bridge if your natural teeth are strong enough to support it. One of the most modern choices is to have dental implants that are long-lasting, and which help to protect your jawbone, preventing the bone loss that naturally occurs after teeth are extracted.

Many people are worried they will have a gap in their smile after an extraction, but we can provide temporary teeth that are made before your teeth are removed and which you can use during the healing process. These temporary teeth will restore your appearance and will allow you to eat reasonably comfortably.

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